A Bio-Digester can have multiple benefits. Know them here!

Human Waste Management is an ever growing problem leading to nuisance, threat of organic pollution and several diseases. Bio-Digester technology has been developed by Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) for resolving this problem. The innovation degrades and converts the human waste into usable water and gases causing no harm to the environment.

Bio-Digester is the best alternative to a conventional septic tank, since it offers a better level of treatment, with loads of added benefits.

1. Maintenance Free, Cost-Effective Sanitation Solution

Bio-Digester Tanks are maintenance-free for lifetime, since the anaerobic microbial inoculum is fed only once. It feeds on the faecal matter and multiplies by itself, making the maintenance cost zero. The Tank is built with less than 30% of the area used by conventional septic tank. The size of a Bio-Digester Tank is approximately one-third of the septic tank, hence material cost and space required for building it are much lower. Moreover it is easy to install and saves a lot of installation charges.

2. No Odour

One of the major problems of a conventional septic tank is the foul smell it produces. Bio-Digesters are 100% odour free. Since, Bio-Digester Tank is a closed system, it gives off no odor from human waste, which in-turn eliminate flies and other insects from the facility, increasing hygiene.

3. Environment Friendly

One of the major benefits of a Bio-Digester Tank is that it is eco-friendly; it does exactly what nature does with manure. This system uses biodegradation process to completely break down human waste into reusable water (effluent) and gases. The effluent produced is very safe and be discharged into the environment. It can also be used for gardening/irrigation or other purposes. The resulting gas is minimal and is vented out.

4. Sludge Free

Sewage sludge is the residue produced by a wastewater treatment process and has the largest volume amongst all the components removed during the process. Bio-Digester uses anaerobic digestion which is generally considered to be an economical and environment -friendly technology. In the absence of oxygen, the organic waste is biologically degraded and converted into gases or reusable effluent. Therefore, being completely sludge free.

5. 99% Waste Decomposition

Bio-Digester technology is used to decompose biological waste generated by humans at all scales. Under anaerobic conditions the waste decomposition is done, where up to 99% pathogen reduction is achieved whereas in septic tank under aerobic condition only 30% of the pathogen reduction is achieved. Bio-Digester provides reduction in organic matter by 90%.  The system can even degrade toilet cleaning agents.

Some of the other advantages of a Bio-Digester Tank are:

• Reduces the transport of wastewater and waste as it is treated on-site

• Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) certified technology

• Underground construction minimizes land use

• No clogging of digester

• Long life span

As we now learnt about the various benefits of a Bio-Digester Tank, let us all make a shift towards this improved, eco-friendly system and promote green-technology!

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