Bio-Digester- An Eco-Friendly Toilet

Let’s talk about human waste for a second. It’s easy to flush the waste in the toilets and not consider what happens next. Typically, our sewer system sends waste down the drain and it’s discharged into marine environment, thereby polluting our waterbodies. However, the way we manage our waste can be changed by opting for an eco-friendly sanitation technology such as a Bio-Digester Tank.

A Bio-Digester is an unique sanitation technology that degrades and converts human waste into usable water (effluent) and gases. This technology is developed by DRDO (Defence Research Development Organization) which is the best alternate option for the conventional, non-environmental friendly septic tank.

Bio-Digester is equipped with a pipeline for the waste, which connects the toilet to the tank. Another pipe for carrying the effluent is placed on the other side. The anaerobic bacterial inoculum is then injected into the bio-digester tank. Sewage enters through the pipe; it then starts the process with anaerobic bacteria which breaks down the human waste at all scales into gas and effluent. This ongoing treatment is achieved by introducing bacteria into the tank that is built for the collection of waste. The inoculum bacteria deactivates 99% of pathogens under anaerobic conditions, being easily operable even during extreme weathers. Resulting water is treated well enough to be used for irrigation while the resulting gas is minimal and is vented out.

Bio-Digester tanks are of different sizes, either for single house or multi-storied complexes. The eco-friendly technology works at a wide range of sectors. When compared to the standard septic tank, there is no need for any removal of sludge, plus it is odourless.  Compact in size, this pre-made system can be installed underground. This tank is  also cost effective when compared to the septic tank.

Now that you know about the tank and the various advantages it has , it is now time to consider switching to Bio-digester as a modern, convenient, safe and environmentally friendly human waste management technology.

At EPEE Bio-Toilets, it gives us immense pleasure for being the sole TOT holders present in Goa, bringing this Clean, Green and futuristic sanitation solution.

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