Eliminate Manual Scavenging with Bio-Digester Toilets

Management of human waste in India has traditionally been inefficient to say the least and with an increasing population it has become a further problem. It has given rise to the practice of manual scavenging, the dehumanizing method in which people have to empty sludge from septic tanks whilst immersing in it. Though there is a law which bans it, in the absence of an effective system of monitoring the practice regrettably continues.

Manual scavengers collect and transport the waste, resulting in unsafe and filthy sanitary conditions.

Despite being forbidden, workers have been seen entering septic tanks and sewers to remove the waste without wearing any safety equipment. These workers become vulnerable to a variety of severe illnesses including Skin Infections, Respiratory Tract Infections, TB, Malaria and Dengue.

Manual scavengers also face other critical health issues like Bronchitis, Nausea and Typhoid as sewers and septic tanks are home to many deadly gasses and diseases. Regular and long duration in such a space can be a major cause of unconsciousness and diseases that may ultimately spread to those in contact with manual scavengers. This practice exploits the unfortunate and is a violation of human rights.

There is no effort to guarantee that the pit latrines and septic tanks are mechanically emptied. Septic tanks produce sludge and require routine maintenance and cleaning, for which a lorry is dispatched. However, frequently, the lorry cannot reach certain locations, therefore people clean the tanks manually. With hundreds of septic tanks being built every day, the community risks infection by coming in contact with the wastewater, due to the demand of human intervention; as machines don’t reach certain areas of the tank.

Therefore, Bio Digester Toilet Tanks are a major step forward in eliminating manual scavenging.

What is a Bio-Digester Toilet?

A Bio-Digester Toilet Tank is a unique sanitation technology that degrades and converts human waste into usable water (effluent) and gasses. This technology is developed by DRDO (Defense Research Development Organization) which is proven to be the best alternate option for conventional, non-environmentally friendly septic tanks.

How Will Bio-Digester Toilets End Manual Scavenging? 

Manual scavenging has been causing an alarming worry that creates health hazards for many workers that bear the brunt of diving into sewage wastewater. The need for Bio-Digester Toilets arises as it is the immediate solution to end manual scavenging. Bio-Digesters break and convert human matter into reusable effluent and odorless gasses, which can even be used for irrigation, flushing, washing vehicles and much more. 

With this eco-friendly technology there is no need to remove sludge from the septic tank for years on end. In this system, the sludge is the feed for the bacteria which converts it into reusable effluent. 

Bio-Digester Toilet Tanks produce no odor, eliminate the cause of flies, rodents, pests and maintain hygiene, further the water soaks into the surrounding soil; which increases underground water and decreases wastewater discharge, making it clear and most importantly safe. These Bio-Digester Toilet Tanks are extremely eco-friendly and reduce a household’s carbon footprint significantly. They are also inexpensive, easy and require no maintenance or installation charges.

Manual scavengers are often exposed to deadly gasses present in the sewers of septic tanks like oxide, ammonia and methane. Long exposure to such gases often results in death. 

Exposure to infections in sewers are very common for manual scavengers, due to the various bacteria present in; this also creates another risk to a major health concern called musculoskeletal disorder. This condition affects the joints, muscles and bones with excruciating pain in every movement. 

Manual scavenging keeps growing at a large with over 1 million manual scavengers in the state of Goa; and 95% of these scavengers are women working on household cleaning while the remaining are men working in sewers. With men and women working with such undignified occupations, a risk to their health and their family health also increases. Hence, installing a Bio-Digester Toilet will help reduce the organic and pathogenic load, ensure a sludge free environment, thereby eliminating the dehumanized practice of manual scavenging. 

About EP Kamat Group & Their Contribution to End Manual Scavenging 

EP Kamat Group has taken an initiative to contribute towards a cleaner and safer planet for all. 

We aim to empower, educate and support a healthier, happier and dignified life for everyone. With the installation of Bio-Digester Toilet Tanks, we all can eliminate manual scavenging. Our Bio-Digesters are DRDO certified technology, the inoculum bacteria deactivate 99% of pathogens under anaerobic conditions, being easily operable even in extreme weathering conditions. The only by-products are water, which is fit for gardening, and odorless gas. Only one bacterial inoculation and our system can degrade even detergents and phenyl. 

To know more visit our website or contact us at +91-9158005202

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