How Bio-Toilets Can Help Improve Health & Hygiene Standards

The lack of hygiene in our society means that we are living in a dangerous situation. 

Globally, 80% of mismanaged sewage water flows back into the ecosystem without being treated properly, contributing to a situation where more than 1.8 billion people’s source of drinking water is contaminated with faeces, putting them at risk of contracting cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio. Diseases such as these are responsible for 297,000 deaths per year of children under five years old, or 800 children every day.

More than half of the world’s population lack access to safe sanitation. In developing countries, one person produces, on average, six litres of toilet wastewater each day. As many as 5,600 Olympic-sized swimming pools can be filled with the amount of untreated faecally contaminated wastewater that is created per day. 

Far from being something to discard or ignore, proper management of sewage water has become increasingly important for the safety of all citizens.  

Switching to Bio-Digester Toilets in every household will make it possible to make systematic changes in waste management practices. Bio-Digester Toilet technology is used to decompose biological waste generated by humans. It degrades human waste into usable water and gases in an eco-friendly manner. 

 It also saves a lot of water and helps in keeping the environment clean.

Bio-Digester technology treats human waste with a collection of anaerobic bacteria that has been adapted to work at low temperatures to convert the organic human waste into reusable water and gases. This ongoing treatment is achieved by introducing bacteria into the tank that is built for the collection of waste. The bacteria decomposes the faecal matter anaerobically. Resulting water is treated well enough to be used for irrigation.

The inoculum bacteria deactivates 99% of pathogens under anaerobic conditions, being easily operable even during extreme weathering conditions. 

Bio-Digester Toilets are of different sizes, either for single house or multi-storied complexes. The eco-friendly technology works in a wide range of sectors. There is no need for any removal of sludge, plus it is odourless. Compact in size, these pre-made systems can be installed underground. This tank is also cost effective when compared to the conventional septic tank.

The uptake of Bio-Digester Toilets in the homes could make a sizable impact. If citizens use a Bio-Digester Toilets then both the water supply and sewage treatment demands of cities could reduce considerably. Moreover, the Bio-Digester Toilets are widely demanded as they can help many more people in the future with safe water and will help eliminate the dangerous water borne diseases which will improve the health of all people. They even provide respite to those who manually clean the dirt at the platforms, prevent contamination of water resources by treating human waste, and serve as an innovative method to decompose waste in a sustainable and economical manner.

Recognising the importance of health and hygiene, EP Kamat Group manufactures Bio-Digester Toilets, that are cost-effective and help in contributing towards a Clean, Green and Safe Planet. 

To learn more about how you can make a difference with us, visit our website or chat with us. We are looking forward to guiding you.

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