Bio-Digester : A major solution to resolve problems of un-decomposed human waste

The development of Bio-Digester technology has been a major advancement in the sanitation sector and will definitely see a major progress in the years to come.

Experts from this field have revealed that, the Bio-Digester consists of a Bio-Toilet attached with Bio-Digester tanks that converts human faeces into biogas and reusable water. This technology uses anaerobic microbial inoculum (a material used for inoculation) to convert faeces into biogas and water that can be used for agriculture and gardening purposes.

A major advantage of these live septic tanks in conventional toilets is that, it can be converted into a Bio-Digester tank and only 30 per cent of its space is required as compared to a septic tank.

These tanks can be customized based on the requirements of the local conditions, and can operate in temperatures ranging from minus (-) 20 degrees to 50 degrees. It can be used in independent houses, apartment blocks, schools and other educational institutions and hostels and now is being used in the Indian Railways and by the armed forces as well.

In most urban areas, septic tanks and open wells are located in close vicinity leading to the contamination of well water.  Bio-digester tanks eliminate such issues. These tanks are also low on installation costs and maintenance for the lifetime, as the anaerobic microbial inoculum is fed only once. It feeds on the faecal matter and multiplies by itself.

It is of utmost important to use Bio – Digester Tanks. Know Why?

  • It gives no bad smell in toilets from the tanks
  • The Faecal matter in the tank is not visible
  • There is absolutely no infestation of cockroaches & flies
  • There is No clogging of digester
  • The Effluent is free from off odour and solid waste
  • There is a huge reduction in pathogens by 99% and organic matter by 90%
  • There is no maintenance required
  • There is no requirement of adding bacteria/ enzyme and  need of removal of solid waste
  • And the Use of phenyl is permitted upto 84 ppm

Some eye-opening facts:

There has been a huge increase in problems leading to aesthetic nuisance, threat of organic pollution & several infectious diseases in epidemic percentages due to contamination of ground water and drinking water resources in highly populated and developing countries, like India. In rural areas about 10% of houses have toilets and rest of the people go to open defecation. Population in the cities although have better access to the toilets but only to the tune of 70%. Such untreated waste is responsible for several diseases like dysentery, diarrhoea, viral hepatitis, cholera, typhoid etc. taking the life of lakhs of children annually.

Adoption of Bio- Digester tanks has now been a major solution for resolving the problems of un-decomposed human waste. This technology converts the human waste into usable water and gasses in an eco-friendly manner which can then be utilized for energy/ cooking and water for irrigation purposes.

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